• There are many Phyto databases, so what the difference?

    We have only focused on Plastic Biodegrading Data, in which we have collected the big data only for this field of research from published work which haven’t been provided before. To be noted we have provided extra information of the plastics, micro organisms and enzymes databases on the Useful link page, for more information kindly visit that page or click on the given link Link

  • As the information you have provided has reference?

    Sure, we have provided the resources including PMID, Link OR DOI to every single given info.

  • Is it possible for me to download the resources for my personal use?

    We have provided all the data and will update with passage of time.

  • Do you people giving API’s?

    sure, we are working on new site which will give API’s, kindly click on the given links to know more about habdsk.org.

  • How you people will update the data?

    Our lab's work is focused on biological databases known as the Home of All Biological Databases (HABD), which means we have provided a massive platform to the scientific community. We've previously published eight databases' articles in prestigious journals such as NAR, Oxford Database, Scientific Report, Future Science, and others, so we're providing excellent feedback to all databases.

  • Why this database only has plastic data?

    There are several other databases, but none exist for such Plastic Biodegrading Data Base (PBDB). We have concentrated exclusively on plastic data in order to contribute this field of research.

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